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About Our Founder


Ron Lieberman is the founding partner of Winston Dunn, Inc and is recognized throughout the insurance industry for his exceptional skills in evaluating professional talent coupled with his intense understanding of the complexities of this broad business sector. Leaders in the industry have consistently relied on Ron's advice and expertise to grow their own firms. Prior to the creation of Winston Dunn in 2010, Ron built and orchestrated his former venture, Global Recruiting, from start-up to a multi-million dollar success in thirteen years.

Ron leads from the front and has been proven to be one of the industry's premier trainers. Under his guidance, Winston Dunn is becoming the nation's leading provider of exceptional talent within the insurance industry.

As a Michigan State Alumni, husband and father of four boys, high school ice hockey coach, youth football coach, and author of the book HIRED, Ron has always has a thirst and passion to lead and grow on both personal and professional levels.


A Note From Ron

After seventeen years of successful recruiting in the insurance industry, I have decided to incorporate an executive search/mergers & acquisitions firm that is dedicated to you.

Throughout the years, I have had literally thousands of in-depth conversations with the insurance industry's brightest thinkers; thinkers who share a common passion and vision for the industry. I am thankful every day for these fantastic relationships and collaborations; they taught me more than I could ever imagine!

In 1992 I entered the world of insurance recruiting. After three years of working with an insurance carrier recruiting firm, I decided to start my own firm, Global Recruiting Inc.

At Global I hired, trained and developed many insurance executive search consultants. Many of these recruiters have their own successful recruiting firms today. I often get calls from owners of search firms seeking advice and direction. I enjoy helping others build their businesses. In addition to building Winston Dunn and developing corporate strategies and systems, I have never stopped recruiting myself - I simply have a passion for the business.


Author of eBook Hired

A brief definitive guide to getting that job or position that you desire - even in a tough market. Ron shares his proven secrets for successfully landing that job or career opportunity that you have sought for so long! The information in this book is basic but far-reaching. Whether you are a high school student looking for a part time job as a cashier or a CEO of a major corporation who recently lost a position, this book is designed to help you—no matter what your line of work. This book can just as easily help a roofer as it can a sales professional—the strategies for climbing upward are the same.


Head Coach

Ron has coached youth sports in South Florida for over twenty years including seven years as the head coach of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Ice Hockey Team since 2007.