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Nick Langer

Turner Surety and Insurance Brokerage Risk Advisor specializing in Construction, Energy & Security. Insurance & Alternative Risk Finance. Complex Risks

Ron was great to work with and very much helped in making for a smooth transition. Ron was always available and made a point to ensure that I was comfortable every step of the way.

Ron stuck with me over the course of more than six months as I pursued an opportunity with BlueChip Underwriting, a start-up MGA writing Transaction Liability insurance policies. He provided invaluable counsel as I proceeded through negotiations with the principals of the MGA, and, more often, he just plain listened to my hopes and concerns. Ron's knowledge of the insurance market, and his specific insight into how deals get done, helped finally get me into an exciting role as the lead Transaction Risk underwriter at BlueChip Underwriting.

Argo Pro partners with BlueChip Underwriting Services LLC to launch transactional risk insurance program

16 February 2017 Argo Pro, a member of Argo Group International Holdings, Ltd. (NASDAQ: AGII), an international underwriter of specialty insurance and reinsurance products, today announced its partnership with BlueChip Underwriting Services LLC to provide transactional risk insurance to facilitate mergers and acquisitions.

“I am delighted to announce this partnership with BlueChip,” said Craig Landi, president, Argo Pro. “The demand for this proposition is clear. I am certain this new offering will allow us to carve out a significant share of the market rapidly.”

BlueChip will sell and underwrite this suite of products, including Representation & Warranties, Tax Indemnity, and Contingent Liability insurance products. BlueChip was co-founded by Chairman Scott Fritts and President and Chief Operating Officer Steve Anderson with Ben Welch as a partner and lead underwriter.

“It is a pleasure working with a forward-thinking organization,” said Scott Fritts, chairman, BlueChip. “The strong partnership with Argo Pro will allow us to draw on their extensive industry knowledge and best practices.”

Argo Pro will be the lead provider with capacity provided by Argo Group’s Lloyd’s of London operation, ArgoGlobal Syndicate 1200, which will offer clients across the globe limits of up to $30 million for any one transaction.

“This is a compelling partnership between our colleagues in the U.S., Syndicate 1200 and BlueChip,” said Ryan Barnes, head of casualty, ArgoGlobal. “This is also an excellent example of Argo Group’s ability to bring together our various areas of expertise quickly to create innovative solutions for the marketplace.”


“Ron was nothing but a pleasure to work with. He helped me along every step of the way in order to find a job with a company that I am extremely happy with. He listened to all of my needs and was never pushy about which direction I should go. He truly works diligently in the best interest of his candidates and will place you with the absolute best match that suits your skill sets and career goals. His knowledge and expertise in the insurance industry is what sets him apart from any other recruiter you could possibly find. I am forever grateful for Ron’s work in kick starting my career.

Craig Henry – February 2017”

I want to extend my sincerest gratitude to you for placing me with USG. It truly was a pleasure working with you and I appreciate everything you have done for me.


My name is Anthony Johnson and I am the CEO of First Light Program Managers

I have had the opportunity to work with Ron on both an acquisition as well as a direct hiring. Ron takes the time to listen and he understands our needs, desires and concerns. As opposed to most recruiters, Ron truly looks out for our long-term best interest and is more interested in finding the right fit for us, rather than a quick placement and earning a fee.

The Chief Financial Officer was a difficult position for us to find the ideal candidate. We looked for months with no success. Ron took the time to understand our value proposition and then conducted his research and soon after presented us with some very capable candidates. We now have an excellent CFO and Ron presented him to us in a timely fashion.

Acquisitions are tricky as you need the right culture and structure to make a deal work on both sides. Once again Ron took the time to understand how we wanted to grow and listened to our criteria as to what type of MGA would be of interest to us. Within less than one year from our initial conversation, we closed on a deal acquiring an MGA that not only fit the deal metrics that we were looking for, but more importantly had a great cultural fit within our organization. Both the seller and myself celebrated with Ron on trout fishing trip to Arkansas after the deal closed, which further showed me Ron's dedication to make sure both parties got off to great start so that they could achieve longstanding success together.


Anthony L. Johnson, CEO

First Light Program Managers, Inc.


I was represented by Ron Lieberman while considering the potential merger and or selling of my wholesale insurance business. Throughout the process he was able to indentify and focus on those subjective aspects of the transaction, such as culture, vision and values, that I felt were vital in aligning with a new partner. The term “value proposition” was consistently reinforced and Ron always considered the overall benefit of the transaction for both parties involved. Ron was able to clearly articulate the differences between the available options and we ultimately were able to narrow our search to two very viable options. My experience with Ron could not have been more professional or informative and if ever faced with those decisions again, I would most definitely chose him and his firm to navigate the process.

Greg Crotty, CIC, TRS

Senior Vice President

First Light Program Managers, Inc.

Madison, MS 39130


"In an industry that has not always exhibited professionalism and competence, Ron has proven to be the exception. Besides being knowledgeable and experienced, he also demonstrated thoughtful insight and accurate intuition whether you are a candidate or in search of the right person."

"I would never hesitate to recommend him."

Nick Cashan, VP / Director: Cook Maran and Associates, New York


"Thank you Winston Dunn for your ongoing professional help! Your proven experience and relationships have provided great assistance in allowing our firm to grow and to better serve our clients! We look forward to continued success with your Partnership and Support!"

Greg Cryan, President: CBIZ Meridian Insurance


"Ron and his team listen & they care. Knowledge and experience separate him from the competition. He clearly understands how to find, evaluate, and bring to market the industry's leaders. I've used Ron for recruiting insurance professionals and searching for acquisitions of retail agencies & brokerages. Ron's research and data are extensive and this enables him to discover talent quickly in the industry's wide range of verticals and niches. Ron has always focused on my priorities, provided clarity and is passionate about this business. I highly recommend Ron and his team."

Richard Keating , President: Trinity Insurance Brokerage, New York


"Ron is an absolute pleasure to work with. He is a personable and knowledgeable recruiter. Most importantly, he someone you can trust. He is a terrific communicator and keeps you informed every step of the way. Ron is definitely a business partner you should have in your rolodex if you are looking for good, talented people."

Joe Valerio, NE Region Managing Director: TD Insurance


"Ron was a great resource in helping me navigate the insurance employment landscape. Being relatively new to the insurance industry, having Ron’s expertise was a tremendous benefit in helping me seek a new employer. He took the time to learn of all my goals and placed me with an agency that matched the exact profile in which I was seeking. Ron’s professionalism and insurance industry knowledge are second to none, and I would recommend him to anyone who is considering making a career change."

Chris Fifis, Sales Executive: Maran Corporate Risk, New York


I had the privilege of working with Ron Lieberman recently as he presented my credentials to companies and executive’s he had relationships with. His approach was uniquely professional and it was clear that he spent the effort to get to know the parties he was dealing with. He is very talented at matching personality and skill sets as well as helping both parties get to know one another. Ron proved that he is not just a recruiter but a true consultant and has great skill in getting the right people together through solid relationships. I highly recommend Ron for executive search, consulting and for his knowledge of the industry.

Cherie Tolbert, CIC, Vice President: NFP Property & Casualty Services, Inc.


Rick Maher

Partner, Effective Human Resources/Maher & Associates

Ron solves problems for people like no other recruiter. Most of Ron's "competitors" find the right position then look to fill with any candidate. Ron takes the opposite approach, he finds the right candidate and then find a suitable position for them. In my opinion Ron puts his clients first. Ultimately you could not ask for a better system when looking for a position. Finally, Ron is a "people" first kind of a guy. I highly recommend him and his firm.


Brian Oddo

Business Development Representative at ILM Group

Highly trained professional with great energy and fantastic follow up. Ron has great attention to detail and leaves nothing to chance all the while making sure you feel a part of the total process. It was a joy working with him while in the process of seeking career opportunities. I have since accepted the position. I would highly recommend any person or company to work with him if they are trying to fill a position or if a person is looking for a position. I will absolutely recommend him in the future.


I have had the pleasure of working with Ron during my most recent employment search. He has always demonstrated a high level of professionalism, listened to my requirements/needs and assisted me with every step of the process. Ron embodies the respect, integrity and spirit that every recruiting professional should possess. I would highly recommend Ron to anyone seeking a long-term career with a reputable company.


Darcy Pletz - Willis


I have worked with Ron on several opportunities and have always been impressed with his communication, professionalism and straight talk. Ron aims to create a win/win situation in every assignment. He is focused on what is best for the candidate and the employer. He is truly a trusted advisor in the strict sense of the term.

Harry C. Wallace

Columbia, MD



I want to thank you for everything you have done for me during the whole recruitment process. Your ability to match my needs with the right firm was top rate. I have had experiences with other recruiters in the past who wanted to push me in a certain direction. Through the whole process I never felt like you had an agenda in regards to which firm I chose to go with. You are a true professional who not only put my best interest at the top but the firm's as well. It was a pleasure dealing with you and I will be glad to recommend you to any professional in the business.


Mark Wilson


Working with Ron Lieberman of Winston Dunn has been a completely unique and flawless experience. When working with Ron, he actually listened to what it is I look for in employment and was able to target what turned out to be a perfect fit. I am now working with the first company he recommended and they are everything he said they would be. I’ve worked with other recruiters and my chief complaint is that it is a numbers game in that they choose a large number of potential suitors and hope that one works out, even if it isn’t best for either party. For anyone looking for a job in the insurance industry, Ron IS the person you want working with you. Ron has worked in insurance and knows the industry inside and out and that is what separates him from the average, run of the mill recruiter who works in multiple industries. I would not hesitate to recommend Ron to anyone searching for employment in the insurance industry.

Andrew Goduto


I would like to take the time to thank Ron for his services. Ron reached out to me during a time when I was undergoing an extensive job search for sales positions. I had been with an insurance company in sales for three years since completing undergrad and was very unsure of my next move. Ron took the time to genuinely speak with me regarding my needs and was able to get my foot in the door for a very exciting opportunity for an insurance sales position with CBIZ. Throughout the interviewing process, Ron consistently kept in contact with me and was always quick to respond about any questions or arrangements. He also provided some great advice along the way that helped my cause. During my extensive job search, I spoke to many recruiters and Ron went above and beyond compared to the rest. Thanks to Ron, my search has come to and end and I am now excited to start an exciting opportunity with a great company.




Dear Ron,

Thanks so much for your assistance and help through out this process.

Details of the Recommendation: "Ron reached out to me through LinkedIn. We spoke and I advised him what type of positions I was interested in and what I was looking for. I had just left my job and was completely unsure about what I had wanted in a career. Ron had worked with me and found me a position he thought would be something I would be interested in. He coached me and prepared me for the interview. It turned out the position was something I was extremely interested in. After speaking with Ron and working with him in preparation for the interviews and finally meeting with the Internal Team of the company that he had set up for me to meet, I was offered the position. Ron was easy to work with as well as easy to speak to. Everything happened so fast, which is what most people like when finding a new job. I couldn't have been more thankful for his assistance. He made the whole job search easy and less stressful."

Caitlin Parker - Sep 11, 2014


Dear Ron,

I've written this recommendation of your work to share with others.

"I recently engaged Ron to recruit additional Client Advisors for our growing agency. Ron quickly brought several well qualified professionals that were a great match. His success was a result of his knowledge of the insurance industry, wide sphere of influence, and his listening and communication skills. Thanks Ron!"

- Norman Lutz


Ron approached me about a job opportunity that he thought would be a good fit after reading through my profile of skills and expertise. He walked me through the entire recruitment process with constant communication and professionalism. He took into account all of my job requirements and approached me with an offer that I couldn't refuse. I started my new position a few weeks ago! I would highly recommend his services to any employer or potential new employee. He was a pleasure with which to work.

Katherine Dillard – Willis Knoxville, TN


When Ron first reached out to me the timing was not right to make a move. Being the professional that he is he did not pressure me and when the situation changed, he was there to assist me with the processes. Ron was patient, informative, and had the connections to me in front of the right people. He made a difficult processes much more enjoyable and ultimately found me the opportunity I was looking for.

I highly recommend working with him in any and all capacities.

Harrison J. Newman

Executive Employee Benefits Consultant – Corporate Synergies Group



As I wind down my time at CBIZ, I wanted to take the time to thank you for the privilege of working with you, and really appreciate the quality sales and leadership candidates that you have introduced to CBIZ. The manner in which you have taken the time to consult with me in order to fully understand our organization, culture, value proposition and overall goals and objectives is much appreciated. You truly do understand our business, hence why you have introduced high quality individuals for our consideration. I sincerely appreciate your "right fit" approach!

Nancy Thompson

Vice President, Sales

Employee Benefits Division



I was really impressed with your approach to my job search. Not only did you keep in touch with me for a few years to ensure that I was always making sure that I'm happy with my current situation, but then, when the time was right, you reached out and really coached me about certain companies environments. I really appreciate your insights and thorough knowledge about the companies I was considering.

I loved the fact that you listened to all my concerns in looking for the perfect home for the next chapter in my life.

I felt you did a heck of a job walking me through weighing out all the positives and negatives with the 3 offers I had on the table.

I highly recommend you and your firm for anyone is looking to hire great people or be hired. Very impressed! please stay in touch and thank you!! Happy Holidays.

Kishan Alexander


Working with Ron Lieberman of Winston Dunn has been a completely unique and flawless experience. When working with Ron, he actually listened to what it is I look for in employment and was able to target what turned out to be a perfect fit. I am now working with the first company he recommended and they are everything he said they would be. I’ve worked with other recruiters and my chief complaint is that it is a numbers game in that they choose a large number of potential suitors and hope that one works out, even if it isn’t best for either party.

For anyone looking for a job in the insurance industry, Ron IS the person you want working with you. Ron has worked in insurance and knows the industry inside and out and that is what separates him from the average, run of the mill recruiter who works in multiple industries. I would not hesitate to recommend Ron to anyone searching for employment in the insurance industry.

I hope this works!

Andrew Goduto

Strategic Insurance Partners


Three years ago when my insurance agency was dying you found me and saved my life. You knew exactly who and what I needed and you were right on the money.

You found me an agency who was personally owned that could make a fast decision. We merged three years ago and while the first year was tough I am happy to report I am so happy and things are going so well. Your ability to analyze, and act on my needs along with your contacts made all the difference. I should have done this sooner.

I just wanted to take the time to thank you again. And please feel free to use me as of reference any time the need might arise.

Nancy Hardy

Nancy Hardy Insurance

A Division of the John M. Glover Agency

45 Knollwood Road

5th Floor

Elmsford, NY 10523



I wanted to extend my sincere appreciation to you in finding me and linking me to my new job opportunity at Lamb Financial Group.

You somehow matched my LinkedIn Profile with a job opportunity you were working on for your client, a growing insurance agency. I was intrigued enough to call you based on your LinkedIn email inquiry to me and was immediately impressed by your professionalism and knowledge of the position and the company for which you were completing this executive search. Within hours, I was on the phone completing my first "interview" with the CEO, and within 2 weeks I was offered and accepted this new position.

Throughout the process, you kept an appropriate level of contact with me. You also provided me with great advice throughout the process even though I was not your direct client. For someone who had not interviewed in 12 years, it was very helpful for me to receive great reminders and suggestions from you on how to prepare for and execute the "interview". You were also extremely responsive to all emails and phone calls from me throughout this process.

I am forever grateful and would highly recommend you to anyone looking for a new executive position within the insurance industry.

Kind regards,

Jeanne Oronzio Wermuth


With over 25 years of experience in commercial insurance brokerage, I've been contacted by many different recruiters. Some interactions have been positive; yet many have been unpleasant. Overall, I developed a somewhat ambivalent attitude toward the role of an executive headhunter. After working with Ron Lieberman, however, I found it refreshing to find that "jewel in the rough" when it comes to executive recruiters.

An executive recruiter's success is based on the relationships they are able to maintain and represents the bridge between an applicant and a company. If you build that bridge with someone who knows a particular industry, and who can align your skills and experience with that industry, you may find yourself presented with opportunities you never even considered. That's what happened after working with Ron.

Over just a short time working with Ron, he understood who I was, my strengths, skills, and and the type of company I would be best aligned with. He didn't shoot darts blindfolded; he instead connected me with companies who best matched my core values. In the end, I was offered—and accepted—a position with an organization that presented me with the best long-term opportunities.

As far as executive recruiters go, Ron is that "jewel in the rough."

Ric Valentino


I have had the honor of working with Alex. He has a true talent for matching your needs with an exceptional employer. I trusted Alex with my livelihood and I am so glad that I did. I have never been happier regarding my employment situation. Alex knows what he is doing and if you have the opportunity to work with him you will not be disappointed.

Jennifer Wade

Commercial Account Manager at HUB International


I enjoyed working with Alex. He followed through on everything he promised and he actually cared about me and my career development

Erik Savadians

Associate Broker at Eperills insurance


"Alex was extremely professional and thorough in helping me make the jump to my new position. He kept me informed throughout the entire process and even gave recommendations that I believe helped me secure my new position. I would highly recommend Alex for your job search"

Sheridan Gerhoff,

Commercial Insurance Advisor.

Gulfshore Insurance, Inc.


"Alex approached me with a new career opportunity landing me a new job that I could not be happier with. His expertise and professionalism made it so easy. He came through for me exceeding my expectations. Thank you Alex!"

Kathleen Sacco, Assistant Vice President, Heffernan Insurance Group.


"I had a awesome experience working with Ron. He is very honest, diligent, and knowledgeable about the insurance industry; like a dedicated coach. I could always count on him no matter what the question, no matter what time of day/night...he was always looking out for my best interest and taught me a few things along the way. Thanks again, Ron. I really appreciate you! Go Green! -Ryan Van Dyke"


"Ron contacted me about an opportunity that he felt would be a good fit after reviewing my profile and experience. He was not pushy at all, but stayed appropriately involved throughout the entire interview and negotiation process until I landed the job. I appreciated the knowledge and guidance he provided without adding any unnecessary pressure or timelines. I’d recommend reaching out to Ron for anyone seeking employment in the insurance industry" Tyler Miles


Dear Ron:

Thank you for your assistance with my recent career transition. Your recommendations and words of encouragement during my job search helped me obtain the position I was hoping for. When I asked for your assistance several weeks ago, I didn’t know that it would lead to such a wonderful position. My new employer offered a strong compensation package which I feel can be directly related to your insight and leverage within the insurance industry.

You have been a pleasure to work with! Take care!


Stephanie Herron


I recently worked with Ron on an career opportunity. He is an expert in his field and really described the opportunity perfectly. He prepared both parties to ensure it would be a fit for me and the organization. I have talked with many recruiters over the years and Ron stands out in the crowd. Whether you are a candidate or employer, you should seriously consider partnering with Ron, as he will find the right candidate/career opportunity.

Thank you again Ron!

Ken Perry

Vice President, Client Advocate, Human Capital Practice (Employee Benefits) Division at Willis


You have done a spectacular job. You brought solid candidates to the table almost every time. I am very glad we are able to place two people through you, you have certainly earned the fee.

Thank you.

Dawn Law


Ron was very helpful in moving me to a position tailor-made for my skill set. Throughout the search and interview process, Ron was only a phone call away and he was always ready to offer advice and make suggestions. When I expressed my thoughts on various opportunities, he listened to me and made recommendations legitimately based on my best interests. I was treated with professionalism and respect, for which I am grateful. I am convinced I would not have landed this position had it not been for him. Thank you!



Norma Miller

I recently relocated to Cape Coral, FL, and was contacted by Alex regarding an opportunity at an agency in Naples. I accepted the position, and will start work shortly. He assisted through the whole process of interviewing, and kept me aware of the status from beginning to end. He was a real professional to work with.

Senior Client Manager, The Horton Group


Jack Powers - Executive Sales Officer at Gulfshore Insurance, Inc.

Our agency has worked with Alex for a couple of years. He's done a great job of understanding our needs and bringing us good candidates. I appreciate his professionalism, strong communication skills and low-key style. Alex knows that long-term relationships are built on trust and he's worked hard to build a good partnership with us.


Hi Ron,

I want to thank you for putting me in contact with Norm at Iron Ridge Insurance.

I am please to let you know that they made a job offer and I accepted it.

Thank you for the great opportunity in my insurance career!.

Merry Christmas to you!


Marina Ortega


Ron was a professional in every sense of the word. When he reached out to me in regards to a possible position he first made sure he got to know me to make sure the opportunity was even a good fit. Once he got me in contact with the company he was diligent in following up every step of the way, he even called me before I made it back to my car after my first interview to ask me how it went. Ron gave feedback every step of the way, whether it was general interview advice or in regards to what I did in my own interviews. I had a second option brought to me the same time as the position Ron presented to me and Ron never once told me that his option was better, he wanted me to do what was best for me and that truly speaks to Ron's character considered we never actually met face to face. It was a pleasure to work with Ron and I hope to continue to use him as a resource as I begin my career in the insurance industry.

Derek Rahme

Ohio University, Class of 2016

Finance and MIS Major


Assistant Captain, Ohio University Men's D-1 Hockey Team


I’ve had the distinct pleasure of having been a client of Ron's as a professional seeking a new career opportunity. I can say, without hesitation, that he has exceeded my expectations in all the situations that we have worked together. He doesn’t view the hiring process as being a sporting event (“winning at all costs”); instead, he knows that looking for a good match should be a “win-win” proposition.

Ron is a high-energy, dynamic professional who exemplifies the platinum standard of the recruiting industry. Using his vast knowledge of the insurance industry makes the process seamless and secure. I have worked with over a dozen recruiters in the past and without reservation I would recommend Ron over any of them. His intelligence and tenacity strikes the perfect balance for a stress-less transition. Simply put; Ron meets the personal needs of the individual and delivers the business requirements to the corporate client.

Thank You,

Bryan W. Russo


Ron recently contacted me about a few career opportunities, one of which I accepted and am now working for. Ron is by far the most knowledgeable Insurance recruiter I have ever spoken with. Not only did he listen to me and address my concerns and requirements, but he seemed to already know what questions and concerns I would have from his previous experience. He did a great job of finding opportunities that fit my background and I have been very happy with the position that I accepted thus far. I would recommend him to anyone in the insurance field that would like to know more about the opportunities that are available to them."

Craig Simpkins